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Our subscription is simple and all encompassing for Designer peace of mind. Pro Subscribers are empowered to accelerate their learning and to rapidly develop a portfolio of designs using the entire Decor Creator library.

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Design Again

Save 25 Designs

Accelerate Learning & Confidence

Unlock design again functionality so that you can increase your design practice and your probability of winning Top Design Trophies by creating multiple design submissions to every Room Makeover.

Unlock the Decor Library

Pro subscribers can access the entire Decor Creator Library, while also experiencing complete design freedom with the largest independent decor library in the world. Designers can create with the peace of mind that everything is available with one subscription.

Personal Design Portfolio

Rapidly develop your design portfolio by creating more personal designs from scratch, customising Pro designs and saving your Room Makeover submissions. Truly avail of Room Creation and Floor Planner technology as you create more bespoke designs.

Decor App Prices