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Find out here how Decor Creator’s learning methodology works by understanding our teaching approach, and our competency development framework!

The Power of Decor Creator!

Designers feel more confident after completing four Home Makeovers.

“Decor Creator is a fun way to learn Interior Design.”

9 out of 10 Designers were inspired to design Personal Projects within weeks.

Develop design skills

Learn by Doing

Design immersive Room Makeovers, each with an interior trend & design skill learning outcome.

Learn Trends

Each Six Room Home Makeover epitomises a specific style, including trending colours, materials & decor.

Develop design skills
Develop design skills

Develop Design Skills

Practice one of the following core interior design skills with each Room Makeover:

  • Colour & material matching
  • Decor & furniture sourcing
  • Product placement & layout creation

Stay Motivated

Experience daily progress with bite-sized Room Makeovers and gain inspiration with Top design voting. Develop your creative daily streak and experience the benefits. Unlock decor rewards and gain your style certificate by completing the Home Makeover.

Develop design skills
Develop design skills

Build Confidence

Practicing design is proven to build confidence. With Decor Creator you can also appreciate other design submissions by voting. If you’re not happy with your design, we make it simple to critique Pro designs so you design again and win Top Design Trophies.

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