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Practice design and cultivate your skills with immersive 3D Interior Design Masterclasses. The data shows it works.

Learn room layout design. Practice sourcing furniture and decor. Learn color, texture and pattern matching skills!

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Stay ahead of the latest interior styles with a new Decor Creator Six Room Design Masterclass each week!

Design Modern Farmhouse, Contemporary Minimalist, Mid Century and Japandi rooms and learn about styles you love!

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Journey the Interior Design Title Pathway and design like a Pro in just 10 weeks!

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Visualize your home design ideas by editing Pro Designs or blank canvas design with Room Creator.

Confidently design Kitchens, Pantries, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Dining Rooms, Snugs and Home Offices!

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Find out how Decor Creator’s Micro Learning Methodology works by understanding our approach to each Six Room Interior Design Masterclass.

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“My confidence increased with every Masterclass Challenge”

“It’s a fun way to learn interior design where and when I want”

“I felt like I could design like a Pro within within weeks!”

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Download the world’s first Interior Design Micro learning App for free!

Discover a new approach to interior design education by practicing design with fun and immersive Home Makeover Masterclass. Unleash your interior design game by learning color, pattern and material matching. Practice furniture sourcing and decor curation. Design room layouts with floor planner, learn to style interiors and much more. Then put your skills into action in the real world by using Room Creator to design personal projects.

Each immersive Masterclass is developed around a trending interior style so you can stay on top of the magazine trends without the cost and time! Every 3D Room Makeover has an active learning outcome so cultivating your interior design superpowers can happen in minutes, anywhere and at any time!

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