Design Statements

Noel loves living in the city, he works hard and enjoys the night life that living centrally offers. He’s got a good mix of friends that live nearby, and is lucky enough to own his own apartment. He’s decided to update the decor in his apartment, but he’s not sure where to start. He knows what he doesn’t like, and that’s anything too fussy or chintzy. Simple, clean lines are probably a good place to start with this week’s interior design makeovers. Can you be Noels interior designer and make his place perfect for a man about town?

Statement Decor
Statement Decor

Entertaining Space

As Noel loves to entertain let’s focus on the living room in this week’s challenges. He’s already bought some sofas and side tables, so it’s time for you to go virtual shopping and source some chairs that go with the sofas, and a rug, lighting and artworks to finish the room. Move the furniture around to create the perfect layout. This room needs to be a social space, so make sure everyone has somewhere to sit where they can join in the fun. At this time of year Noel’s friends love to gather round his wood burning stove, it’s so much warmer than going into town! Make sure your design allows the fire to be a focal point in the room. This room also needs to be comfortable when he’s on his own, the perfect chill out space.

Designing in App

It’s engaging being an interior designer for Noel. You can try out different wallpapers and paint colours, as it’s virtual there’s no scraping wallpaper off the walls, if you don’t like it just click to change it. Try out new floor coverings and add accessories to make the room perfect. Don’t forget once you’re happy with your design press submit to get your rewards and allow your design to be entered to the vote. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our before and after designs below.

If you’ve enjoyed this remodel challenge don’t forget Noel has a bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and hallway to redesign. There’s so many opportunities to show your design skills off and earn in the app.