Gabby’s Simple Japandi Makeover¬†

Gabby is moving from a tiny midtown apartment in Manhattan to The Battery because she feels the need for a bit more space to entertain friends and family, and she’s found a real estate bargain that needs a bit of work. She’s not an expert on interior design, but would like the decor to be very simple and functional, but still beautiful. Her life is very full on. Gabby works as a data analyst, which involves long hours and a lot of hard work! To unwind in the evenings she hits the gym and at weekends she likes to party.

This go-getter lifestyle doesn’t describe everything about her, as her real passion is rainforest preservation. She had her first holiday in the rainforest five years ago, and she was overwhelmed by the beauty and diversity of the rainforest. Since then she has learnt everything she can about the species that live there, and how this special natural resource can be protected for the future.

Eco-Friendly Decor

She’d rather just buy old furniture, as that’s the best way to ensure your interiors are as eco-friendly as possible, but it does make it harder to create a sense of cohesive style. The next best option is to look out for eco-friendly brands that will ensure nothing she buys has originated in the rainforest, and is doing as little harm as possible to the planet.

Japandi interior design

Explore Japandi Style

As interior design doesn’t come easily to Gabby she has taken some inspiration from online magazines and has decided that a Japandi style would fit her lifestyle nicely. It has a mindful ethos, which fits in with her own eco-friendly goals. She’d like the new place to be well designed and thought out, as she’s never had this much space before, and would love to be able to invite people over. If you’d like to get more information and inspiration on Japandi interiors take a look at this article in Vogue.

Gabby would love to hire a team of designers to come up with the perfect eco-friendly interior design. Can you be one of the team and help her to discover the perfect interiors? Remember Japandi has an emphasis on organic forms and natural materials. With clean lines and neutral tones make the rooms simple and elegant. Try to maximise the natural light, and add low key lighting to make everything feel soft and natural.

Learn Interior Design

With this interior the emphasis is ‘less is more’. Decorating in Decor Creator allows you to add items and remove them again if they don’t add anything to the design. This is a great way to learn about the design process, if your design is constantly evolving you will be able to see what works.

The feature makeover this week is Gabby’s Dining Room. This room has distinctive styling, but it’s in need of some colour to pull it all together. Maybe choose some dark wood tones for the dining table and chairs, select a nice neutral rug and some Japanese inspired art. Make the interior design crisp but welcoming.

Japandi interior design
Japandi interior design

Don’t Miss Out!

Haven’t tried the Decor Creator App yet? Try it for free and see what you’re missing! Join in with makeover challenges and share your design with the world. Enjoy voting on the finished designs to see everyone’s ideas for the makeover, and pick up tips and maybe win a prize!

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