Romantic Boho Makeover

Savannah fell in love with a beautiful Georgian house in Shropshire, now she’s moved in it’s time to create a boho inspired haven. She loves rich colours, strong patterns, natural textures and captivating details, and has been enjoying trawling local markets and vintage shops for some key pieces.

As a marketing executive in the fashion industry Savannah knows how to dress a room, but she doesn’t have as much time as she’d like to create her perfect home. This lovely new home also has an annex which will be rented out as a holiday let once it’s had a makeover.

Enjoy Boho Interiors

Boho interiors can have bold prints on rugs, fabrics or art works. To make this look work it helps to have a background of a plain colour (this could be light or dark). You can also pick a colour out from the coloured prints to use as a plainer block colour on chairs, sofas or other soft furnishings to tie the look together.

This look is a lot of fun, you can layer patterns and textures up and enjoy experimenting. Do you need some inspiration? Take a look at this article in Better Homes and Gardens.  As Savannah wants a romantic Boho style why not add some large, floral textiles and add some plants and flowers to the rooms, to make them softer and more romantic.

Savannah’s Lounge

This week’s feature makeover is Savannahs Lounge. This quirky room already has a stripy rug, some statement chairs and a relaxing sofa. A good starting point could be moving the sofa to a good position, and changing the colour to suit the room. You could add other rugs or even more cushions to add to the cosy boho vibe. Why not try other wall colours and add extra wooden furniture to make this interior complete. The fun of this week’s makeover is you can try out extra furniture to see what works, then if you’re not sure simply delete and try something new. Much easier than adding decor in real life!


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If you haven’t tried a makeover with Decor Creator why not download today and give it a try. We have an interior style theme every week, with plenty of makeover challenges for you to try out. When you’ve finished designing simply submit your design and wait for the voting to finish to see if you’re a winner!

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