Shea Inspired Home Makeover

Clarissa and John Davis with their kids George and Edith are moving to Edmond Oklahoma. John is an engineer, and Clarissa is a Professor. The reason for the move is to take up her new tenure at the University of Central Oklahoma.
They are hoping the kids settle well into their new surroundings as they are both outgoing and sociable. Their new home is a blank canvas of possibility, but having moved various times in the last 10 years due to job opportunities they really want to invest in this space, as they plan for it to be a long term home. When they were searching for a new home they fell in love with the Modern Farmhouse style exterior.

Modern Farmhouse Makeover

Clarissa is a self-confessed Dream Home Makeover addict and loves anything that Shea McGee designs, that distinctive skill of being able to bring a mix of classic and modern design together, achieving balance and delicate details to a home. They both veer towards neutrals but have decided on a family colour palette which brings in a favourite colour each. They chose blush pink (Edith), denim blue (George), burgundy red (Clarissa) and olive green (John). Since the front of their home is modern farmhouse in design they’d like that design to continue on the inside.

Modern farmhouse makeover
Modern farmhouse makeover
Modern farmhouse makeover

Explore Modern Farmhouse Design

Not sure what modern farmhouse design means? It’s a design that feels very traditional, but at the same time it’s up to date. Nothing ultra-modern here, but simple, uncluttered interiors. You need to combine the old and new to create an interior that feels cohesive. If you would like to learn more why not take a look at this inspiring article from Homes & Gardens

Dining Room Makeover

This week’s featured home makeover is the Davis’ Dining Room. This room is all about the scale of furniture in a room. You can see the table that has been chosen for this light and airy dining room is a great size for the space. You can walk around it easily, but the chairs also fit as they should. You can swap the table out to try different sizes to see what impact this has on the space. Interior design is about the flow of a room, you must be able to move around easily, and all of the space must be functional.

You are also asked to add a new rug under the table. If you choose the perfect sized rug it will complement the size of the dining table. Once you’ve got all of the furniture perfect you can enjoy choosing colours, remember that the client has asked for one of their favourites to be used in every room. You could use a burgundy red or olive green for this room. Try new wallpaper to see what impact different colours and patterns have on the feel of the space.

Modern farmhouse makeover

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