Modern Coastal Makeover

Joshua and Kirsten have just bought their dream home in Long Beach. For years they have lived on the road, and now they’re at a point in their lives where they want to put down roots. They both love the ocean, so when they had the opportunity to but this home near the beach they were very keen. The house is a new build, so it’s lacking in style for the interiors. They love a rustic look, and want to keep with the coastal vibe.

Enjoy Modern Coastal

If you’re not sure what modern coastal design means, it’s full of rustic, laid back details that make you feel like you’re on holiday. Modern coastal has a chic twist that makes this feel grown-up and well thought out. They work well in rooms with plenty of space and natural light. The colours you’ll use for modern coastal are neutral greys and beiges, with maybe a muted blue or green. Add some wood and textured textiles and you’re on trend! If you’d like to explore this interior design style further take a look at this article from Well by Design 

This week’s feature makeover is the modern coastal bathroom design. This room has already got the perfect layout, with a lovely freestanding bath and large shower cubical. It’s all a bit white and in need of some colour. Choose the perfect shade to complete the room, and add some accessories. You can change the stone for the bath to create the perfect coastal sanctuary.

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modern coastal decor
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