Ford Family Organic Minimalism Makeover

When Nick got a new job in Bristol it meant a big relocation from Newcastle. The family were ready to make the change, and have found a lovely new home in Redland, Gloucestershire. Their boys are happy with their new home, as they get a new room each. As it’s such a long way from their family they’ve managed to make sure there’s a spare room for visiting friends and family.

Sally has given up her job in a supermarket, but she’s happy to use the career break to re-train, as she’s always wanted to be a midwife. As there is a national skills shortage she’s happy to make a difference in her new career, and is looking forward to working as a midwife when she’s completed her training.

Sally and Nick want to makeover their new home, they want to re-use as much of their furniture as they can, as it’s greener and more budget friendly! They also want to use this opportunity to redecorate and have a unified style. Sally and Nick’s last place was added to gradually over time, and didn’t have much of an interior design style. They find a minimalistic design very easy to live with, less clutter helps with organising their busy lives. Their home needs to be cosy and easy to live with as well as minimalistic and well designed.

Explore Minimalist Design

Do you think minimalism is just not putting much in a room? There’s more to this interior style than you’d think, if you’d like to learn more about minimalism take a look at this informative article in Elle Decor

The feature makeover this week is the Ford family open plan living room. This is a big space, and you might feel tempted to add a lot of furniture. As it wants to have a minimalistic vibe every chair, table and storage should have a clear purpose and work with the other items in the room. Think as you add each item, and make sure the design is cohesive. Can you make this room feel comfortable, calm and easy to live with? Enjoy exploring minimalist design.

Minimalist design
Minimalist design
Minimalist design

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