Mike & Helena’s Redefined Luxe Makeover

Mike and Helena have reached their retirement and are ready to embrace a well-deserved change in their lives. They are relocating to the New Hampshire coast, and have found the perfect modern home that will suit their lifestyle. Mike has worked as an architect all of his life, and for the last fifteen years has been working extra hard to build up his own architecture practice. He obviously has an interest in interior design but his field is more architectural than design interiors. His love of clean, simple lines and contemporary finishes leads to a minimalist look. He’s happy to embrace other forms of interior design and just wants his own home to be well thought out and beautifully finished.

Helena has worked in an office all her life, juggling childcare with work. Now the kids are all grown up and she can retire from the 9 to 5 she’s looking forward to spending more time on her passion of ceramic art. Their new home has room for a studio, so she will be spending her time developing her art. She’d love to create a home that reflects her love of art and luxe finishes. Helena wants her place to be beautiful and created for pleasure.

Explore Redefined Luxe

If you’re not sure what redefined luxe interior design means, think luxury finishes like stone or marble, with a simplicity of modern design. This doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, rooms should be comfortable and beautiful. To find out more about redefined luxe take a look at this article by James Margulies

Guest Bedroom Makeover

The feature makeover this week is Mike and Helena’s Guest Bedroom. A guest room can be a difficult space to redecorate. It’s easy to embrace the design you love in your own bedroom, but when decorating for guests you need to make the design work for everyone.

This is a good sized bedroom, and it already has some luxe finishes such as the marble floor, chandelier lighting and four poster bed. There are still plenty of decor items to choose to really finish off the room. Try out different sofas, maybe a chaise longe would complement the decor? The joy of decor creator is you can try different furniture out and if it doesn’t work you can instantly change it for something else. Look for the luxury yet simple forms that will bring the room together. Maybe work out a colour scheme that works with the luxe theme. Have fun bringing this room to life with your interior design.


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