Carey & Doug’s Mid-Century Makeover

Carey and Doug Marks are a young, professional couple. They live in Palm Springs, with some spectacular views over the dessert. This couple like to party when they’re not working, and love to invite their close friends round for dinners and drinks at theirs. Carey is away from home a lot for work, so she would love their home to be somewhere great to return to. At the moment it’s in the middle of a renovation, and she can’t wait for it to be finished! Doug has had to manage their renovation whilst Carey is travelling, as he works from home as a graphic designer. When they’re not socialising they love to go out with their pug, Franco who is their much loved pet.

Mid-century style

Find Your Mid-Century Style

Carey and Doug don’t always agree with all interior design plans. Carey would stick with neutrals, whilst Doug loves a pop of colour. To please both of them you’ll need to use strong colours occasionally, with most of the decor in neutral tones. Their chosen decor style is mid-century, as they love the retro designed furniture, and it fits with their colour scheme requirements. If you’re unsure which colours will work with a mid-century modern there’s a useful article by Nook & Find about their take on a mid-century colour palette.

Bathroom Decor

The feature makeover this week is a mid-century bathroom design. This bathroom has a striking monochrome geometric tile on the walls, our designers were asked to find a good complementary tile for the shower and the flooring. They also had to find the best layout. To design a layout for a bathroom it’s a good idea to consider where to position the bath first. As it’s a free-standing bath you can use it to make a real feature in the room if you like. The bath can be positioned in the middle of the room, or against a wall, or ever diagonally across a corner, with a plant, or small storage unit placed in the corner. There are so many options it’s fun to try them out in Decor Creator.

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Mid-century style