The Lowry’s Mid-Century Makeover

Gary and Anthony have reached a point in their lives where they want to move to the country and live slower, more fulfilled lives. This change was triggered by Anthony taking early retirement from the Civil Service, and as Gary works remotely they can choose to make a move without changing jobs. They’ve always enjoyed living in the big city, having all of the opportunities living in central London offered, but recently they’ve been looking for a change. Gary and Anthony found an exquisite barn conversion in the New Forest, and it feels like it’s meant to be! They love rambling in the New Forest, the more time they spend in nature the happier they feel.

Mid-Century Makeover

Enjoy Mid-Century Design

The barn has some mid-century features, so they’ve decided to decorate with a mid-century theme. This suits their ethos, as they have always tried to be as eco-friendly as possible, and would like to purchase furniture that will last. Fast decor fashion is not their thing!

Mid-Century Makeover

If you’re not sure what mid-century interior design is, don’t worry! Mid-century is a design that comes from the post WW2 up to the 1970’s. It celebrates plain but powerful design. Fussy prints and designs are out, and simple, clean lines are in. Generally wood tones are dark and fabrics come in a strong, plain colour. If you’d like to read more about this interior design take a look at this article by the National Design Academy.

The Lowry’s Lounge

There are plenty of mid-century features to enjoy in this week’s feature room, the Lowry’s Lounge. This remodel challenge already has some lovely furniture, there’s some armchairs and a matching coffee table as well as a dark wood sideboard. You need to help them to find a sofa that will go with the look, why not look for one with wooden legs that have the same mid-century feel? Add a rug and some accessories to complete the look.

You need to move the furniture around to find the perfect layout for a stylish and comfortable lounge. It’s easier to move furniture if you go to the top down view, as you can re-position larger items without anything else getting in the way. If only it was this easy to move the sofa around in real life!  If you’re enjoying exploring this mid-century design you’re free to change the colour of the walls, and add other decor items to really make it your own.

Once you’ve submitted this design there is the rest of the house to design. Enjoy creating a mid-century kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.

Mid-Century Makeover

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