Jessica’s Character Makeover

Jessica is an academic, and during her career she’s been lucky enough to live in various amazing academic institutions. After dreaming of putting down roots somewhere she’s bought a semi detactached home in Oxford that needs a bit of doing up. As an interior design enthusiast, Jessica is looking forward to getting her new home looking perfect. Her inspiration has come from Interior Design Masters on Netflix which she loves to watch in her free time. As her work is quite demanding she’d love to make her new home the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Jessica has a mix of favourite styles, from art deco to relaxed Boho, as long as it works in the room she’ll love the interior design.

Makeover challenge

Explore Art Deco Interiors

The design masterclass we’re focusing on this week is Jessica’s Kitchen. Despite being a period property the kitchen has been opened up into a nice airy space at the back of the house. Jessica found some Art Deco inspired lights in a local market which she fell in love with. As a result this room would look great with a glamorous modern Art Deco style.

This kitchen has had building works completed, and plastering fininshed. Have fun introducing colour to this room, maybe you’ll go for soft aquamarine or a pink to go with the deco vibe. You could use colour to zone the space – maybe one colour for the kitchen cabinets and another for the walls in the dining area. This kitchen is a fun makeover project as it has a stylish feature island that’s ready for some colour.

Interior Design Makeovers

After showing the world your interior design skills with Jessica’s Kitchen why not enjoy completing the rest of the house? There’s a living room, bedroom, guest bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room that are in need of a makeover. Create the perfect decor for Jessica and if you submit your designs you could win as well.

Makeover challenge
Makeover challenge
Makeover challenge

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