East Meets West

An East meets West interior design style Japandi is a fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian design. You may think these two styles shouldn’t go, but they are both tranquil, minimalist styles and have a similar colour palette and a love of natural light. We were inspired by House and Garden magazine and love the simple wellbeing this design brings to an interior design.

This weeks Masterclass contained a kitchen, two bathrooms, a living room, dining room, and a bedroom to redesign. This allows you to try this versatile interior style on the whole house!

Nurturing Japandi

We start in the kitchen with a simple restyle challenge to get started. The brief asks you to help Anya to bring some Japandi chic to her open plan kitchen. The Japandi theme is already in place with the style of light fitting, bar stools and texture on the wall behind the sink. There is plenty to change to create the perfect room, why not use dark browns or blacks as well as light naturals to give this room a Japanese feel. By adding texture with flooring you will really bring this room design together.

Tonal Textures

From the kitchen design we naturally move on to the dining room. This is a refresh challenge, so a great opportunity to choose furniture to compliment a Japandi design. Maybe go for a rattan style light fitting to add texture to the design and a dramatic angle poise floor lamp. The fun of styling this room is picking the right pieces, you can try things out and if they don’t work just replace them with a click of your fingers! Be inspired by the Rico Dining Chair as you add more furniture to the room.

Makeover app
Makeover app

Neutral Naturals

Next we move to a remodel challenge to give you a chance to remodel a bathroom. This room needs everything to be arranged nicely and colours and textures chosen. It starts off very white and boring, so there’s plenty of scope for making some great design impact. Move the bath to create a bathroom with a real wow factor. This is a great layout puzzle.

Japandi Luxury

This is a quick and easy bathroom restyle, as this room was much smaller than the bathroom in the remodel challenge. The brief asks you to help Heather as she wants a Japandi inspired bathroom space with a minimalist contemporary finish. By introducing tiles and paint colours you can very quickly create a Japandi style bathroom, and show off your design flair.

Simple Rustic

This bedroom refresh is a challenge to find simple Japandi inspired plants, artwork and lighting to bring the interior design together. We love the Fushimi Bed with a strong Japanese influence. By changing the colours and adding accessories you can make the room design very calm. Perfect for a bedroom makeover.

Japandi Living

The last interior makeover is the living room. The plants that are already in this restyle challenge give it a Japandi design flavour. We love a potted bamboo, and in the Decor Creator App there are lots of house plants to choose from. You simply need to find the perfect colours and materials to make the room feel complete. You can be an expert designer in a couple of minutes with this makeover challenge.

Makeover app

After completing this week’s masterclass we hope you also love Japandi design in our makeover app. If you want to continue to design Japandi inspired interiors why not create your own room design in My Designs? Don’t have the Decor Creator App yet? Download it today and join the fun!