The Garcia’s Captivating Luxe Makeover

After starting their married life living in an amazing houseboat, Jorge and Lydia Garcia have finally completed their dream of a self-build home in Sausalito, California. They have relished the challenge that building their home has created, and it’s great to have a space that’s built around their lives. Now it’s ready to be decorated Lydia is enthusiastic. She loves to read decor magazines and Jorge enjoys watching Extreme Makeover reruns. They’re happy to be reaching the end of the project, but could do with a helping hand to finish the interior design.

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Now they’re no longer spending their free time on the build they’re enjoying having evenings and weekends to relax. Lydia works in Silicon Valley, her working days are quite long. It’s great to get home after work to find Jorge has cooked dinner and they can relax and spend time together. Jorge works locally as a Principal of a local school. His work days are also demanding, but without his wife’s commute he’s normally home first. Now that they have the space they’re enjoying socialising with friends and family at the weekends. They want a home that is luxurious that they can enjoy to show off to everyone!

Luxe makeover
Luxe makeover

Explore Luxe Decor

This luxe makeover is fun for our Decor Creator designers – add timeless classic furniture to the rooms, and choose the best materials and rich finishes. Add in some gold accessories and you will have interiors that exude glamour. If you’d like to read more about the Hollywood origins of the modern Luxe look you can be inspired by The Design Basics article.

The feature makeover challenge this week is Jorge’s Living room. This is a really high end living room with a bar area that has been made to party! Jorge wants it to look like a luxurious boutique hotel bar. The modern deco style furniture that’s already in the room needs to add some colour. The art and rug needs to be chosen. Enjoy trying out which colours work for the bar, make it look high end and just right for the space. You can be brave with your colour choices, as if it doesn’t work out you can easily change it up.

Once you’ve got to grips with the luxe look and made Jorge’s living room perfect you have the rest of the house to makeover. Why not add some marble finishes to the Powder room, add some statement lighting to the kitchen. Then find a great coffee table for the lounge and arrange the furniture perfectly in the master bedroom and en-suite. Create the perfect luxury home.

Luxe makeover

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