Lucia’s Free Spirited Luxury

Lucia is lucky enough to live at Malibu Beach in California. She’s just bought a new build home and it’s looking very soulless and empty. She has plenty of experience in interior design, but she would love to collaborate with our designers to give her new home some character and a sense of design. She loves the work of Kelly Wearstler and would love to use her influence in her new home. Lucia’s style is a real mix, she loves luxury materials and finishes and enjoys contemporary design. She likes to mix it up a bit with a hint of eclectic design by adding a bit of Bohemian charm in her interiors.

Lucia’s Living Room

The featured makeover for this week is Lucia’s living room. This nice big living space already has some luxe details, with a marble wall covering and some designer furniture. It’s down to you to create the perfect layout to make the room work.

Explore Lighting Solutions

Designers also need to create the perfect lighting solution. Lighting can be a trickier part of your interior design. It has to work in day and night, and can be used to change the dynamic of a design. Lighting can be ambient, a soft lighting effect throughout the whole room. You could also have task lighting, such as a reading lamp by a chair or light over a dining table. This provides extra light where it’s needed.

Lighting can also be used to highlight artwork, or designer pieces or to create dramatic shadows in a room, this is called accent lighting. When you’re adding lights to a room you need to consider the natural light coming through windows and doors as well as how your lighting will change the feel of a room.

Lighting in interior design
Lighting in interior design
Lighting in interior design
Lighting in interior design

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