Classic Interior Design

Art Deco is a classic style that most people would recognise. This style started in France in the 1910’s, Art Deco is short for Arts D√©coratifs. The style was very popular after the First World War. We love the classic styling and feel of timeless luxury that it brings to interior design. This week’s masterclass was to play with the Deco style in modern interiors.

Tiffany Blue

The first masterclass makeover of this week was a curvy kitchen. This is a modern take on the Deco style, which looked great with some colour added to the room. A fun challenge inspired by some simply elegant bar stools by Dune . Why not make the kitchen island even more of a feature with a clever use of colour.

Luxe Art Deco

This luxurious bedroom design could be something out of a classy boutique hotel, with the oversized curvy headboard. This room really needed an injection of colour to be interior design perfection.

interior design art deco
interior design art deco

Marble Finishes

Art Deco style looks great in bathrooms, marble adds just the right feel of opulence and luxury. This masterclass has plenty of different surfaces for you to select the right finish. Will it be simple marble, coloured tiles or a splash of paint to add some colour?

Touch of Glam

This refresh makeover has loads of options to make it as glamorously Art Deco as you like. It’s fun to let your imagination run riot and improve the room with more furniture and colours. The inspiration for this opulent living room is a Gold Side Table by Graham & Green. Gold works really well with the Art Deco style.

Velvet Vibes

Velvet is a great fabric to use in an interior inspired by Art Deco, with it’s rich hues and soft texture it’s luxurious and welcoming. This living room already has a touch of Art Deco flare, but it needs you to add the finishing touches to create the perfect interior.

Fresh Opulence

This masterclass brings everything from the other challenges together. With marble, gold, and velvet opulence this dream bedroom layout is a great challenge for anyone that loves interior design. You can re-arrange the furniture to make the best room layout, and add colour and soft furnishings to create the winning design.

Join in!

As you can see we’re having a lot of fun with Art Deco design. If you haven’t tried the Decor Creator App you can download it now. Join the creative party and who knows you could win a challenge or two!


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