Gabriel and Camille Dubois met in Paris when Camille came from her home in Washington to teach art for a year’s exchange programme. Gabriel was already an art teacher working in central Paris. When they had met and fell in love Camille was happy to change her plans and stay in Paris!

They are just married and have moved into their first home in the French capital. Everything needs to be re-decorated and they’re enjoying arranging their first home just the way they want it. They have recently visited the Maison & Objet Design Fair which has given them some design inspiration. Both of them would love a quirky yet contemporary interior design and love a splash of colour.

Explore Minimal Maximalism

Gabriel and Camille are enjoying Minimal Maximalism, which does sound like an oxymoron, but it’s the next big trend for 2024! The idea is you use a clean neutral palette as you would in minimalist design, but allow some decorative items to add a lived in luxury feel to the space. If you need to know more check out this article from Pure Wow

The feature makeover this week is the guest bedroom. This fun space needs to be a bit quirky. Gabriel and Camille love a bed they’ve bought from Owl Interior Design so this is a great place to start your design. Choose colours for the bed and then make the room work. You need to choose a rug, chair, lamp and art to make this room feel finished. Enjoy a virtual shopping trip and swap things out to find the perfect furniture! You can change the colours on the walls and floor to make them look great with your bed design. Have fun with the design and make it welcoming with a young vibe.

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