Sophie’s French Escape

An exciting foreign relocation isn’t just for teenagers in their gap years. Sophie has just relocated to the Loire valley from Edinburgh. Her kids have grown up and left home and she found herself needing a new adventure. She’s always loved France, and after a long Scottish winter the Loire Valley was just too tempting. Luckily her work as an author means she can relocate and take her work with her. After a little searching (and brushing up on her French language skills!) she’s found the perfect French cottage that’s just waiting for her to do it up and move in.

Cottagecore Charm

She wants to keep the cottagecore charm but inject some personality into the interior design. Sophie enjoys getting inspiration from magazines, her favourite is House Beautiful Magazine and she’s already sourced some stunning blue velvet salon chairs that she’s put into her living room.

French Cottagecore

This makeover challenge gives you a large farmhouse kitchen, chic living room, ensuite bathroom, bedroom and a small W.C. to redesign. Plenty of design to enjoy and show off your creative streak!

French Cottagecore

Design with Us

From the largest country kitchens to the smallest room in the house, design with us. Decor Creator allows you to show off your interior design skills. Escape the winter weather and imagine you’re in the Loire Valley with Sophie. Help her to create every room in her new cottage. She wants to keep the interior French Cottagecore design. Cottagecore means you need to keep the rural, natural feel, it should be a celebration of simple living in the countryside. As it’s French Cottagecore it can have some chic touches, maybe a floral wallpaper or gold framed mirror. Add touches of French design to elevate your interiors.

As her go-to interior designer you can enjoy finding the right furniture and colour schemes to make Sophie’s home perfect. When each room’s complete don’t forget to submit your design to inspire others and maybe win a challenge.