Freja’s Eclectic Home Makeover

After a tough year Freja is ready for the new start that a new year brings. She’s making a big move from Leeds to Copenhagen, and is lucky enough to have bought a new apartment with her inheritance. Freja’s a creative person and she loves colour, fun and friendship. Her new home should reflect the zest that she has for life. A place to inject some positivity into her life.

It’s the first time Freja’s lived alone, and she’s enjoying her independance and the ability to live her way. Can you help her to decorate her home with the right colours and furniture to reflect her happy, carefree nature? Her favourite colours are canary yellow, candy pink and aquamarine, so try to use them in your room designs without going overboard!

Eclectic Home Decor

Eclectic Interior Design

This weeks theme is eclectic energy, an eclectic interior design is about bringing together different styles, textures and colours but creating a cohesive design that doesn’t look like it’s been thrown together. It sounds tricky, but it’s fun to try. Trying it out on Decor Creator means that you can swap colours and furniture out easily to find what works. If you’d like to know more about eclectic interior design why not be inspired by this article from Decoraid.

Eclectic Home Decor

This weeks featured makeover is Freja’s kitchen. As this is a remodel challenge you need to find the perfect layout before you start to source new furnitre and choose the right colours to make the whole room come together. I know this feels like a lot to do, but start by moving the whole table (it will move like magic with all of the place settings still in place!). When you put it in the right spot everything else will come together easliy. As Freja’s interior designer you can create a fun space that’s perfect for entertaining.

The Design Tips for this challenge are to maximise opportunities for lighting to reduce the winter blues. This needs to be a happy space all year round.  Inject of pops of colour to reflect Freja’s love of colour and add statement pieces to embrace her quirky flare.

When you’ve completed this makeover don’t forget there’s a bathroom, dining room and bedroom to makeover. If you don’t have the Decor Creator app yet why not download it and start designing?