Minimalist Design Masterclass

This Six Room Interior Masterclass by Decor Creator features Callie, Tim and Liv from Menlo Park in California. The family is asking for your help to transform their home into a playful space with a minimalist interior design style!

This home design masterclass is a fun micro learning opportunity, perfect for any skill level from hobbyist to career changers. Simply download the free Decor Creator App and have fun completing the bite-sized 3D room makeover challenges. The data shows that the best way to learn design is to practice and actively cultivate Pro skills, while staying ahead of the latest interior trends.

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Texture in Design

The Blakes London Kitchen is a great example of a minimalist kitchen, featured in the Glebe Road Project by Vawdrey House Interior Design. Take a moment to appreciate the marble countertops on the island and how this striking stone beautifully complements the fluted texture underneath. Minimalist design doesn’t mean an interior without fine details. Texture is important to consider in design. This is perfectly exemplified by the smooth marble splashback between the pine cabinets, which is brought together by a captivating fluted stone shelf. At first glance this kitchen design is calming, cohesive and elegant. One can however easily miss the intricate detail that delivers an unparalleled level of sophistication, which feels both organic and invitingly warm.

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Minimalist Bedroom Design

Are you inspired by this Bedroom Design? We love the half height paneling, the pine surround bed and the playful makeup area to the left. This bedroom layout is a great example of how space can be utilized for both form and function. The perfectly sized mirror catches and guides your eye to the Elouan Hourglass Mango Wood Side Table. The paneling is also an example of using subtle texture within a design. Overall this design is a great example of interior styling and furniture curation.

With Decor Creator everyone can learn how to create dream bedroom designs by finding their style and experimenting with a myriad of bedroom layout designs.

Interior Design Masterclass - minimalism
Free Interior Design Masterclass - texture

Play with Texture and Pattern

In the master bedroom, Designers can play with rattan and scalloped edges, to add more texture to the design. The dining room is where striking murals meet bold bistro chairs. Kitty’s Bedroom is an opportunity to match arts and craft style patterns. Play with patterns and textures to create an inviting and interesting design. The final living room design brief requires Designers to choose the perfect boucle material to match Client’s feature the light.


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