Move to the Country

Ellie has always wanted to move to the country. She’s just managed to relocate from her small flat in London to her dream house in the quiet village of Rye in East Sussex. This is a dream come true for her. She has spent a long time looking for a charming country farmhouse that was what she was dreaming of and within her budget. Having found the perfect location and home she now wants to redecorate it to make it perfect.

Be Inspired

She is inspired by her favourite series Dream Home Makeover from Netflix and is having fun buying a few key pieces of furniture. Ellie just needs a bit of help to make this Farmhouse makeover challenge complete. This week’s challenges for our great interior designers is to make her kitchen diner, hallway, family bathroom, dining room, lounge and bedroom feel cosy and keep the design style a modern farmhouse vibe. The colours to keep in mind with this interior style are dark bronze, black and ecru. Of course you can inject your own colours to keep the design together.

Dream Farmhouse Entertaining

We start the makeover challenge with the farmhouse kitchen. This is the heart of the home, the dream kitchen. It’s in need of some colour, so have fun adding a rich earthy colour scheme and some accessories. Make this kitchen design feel perfect for the modern farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Makeover Challenges
Farmhouse Makeover Challenges

Having created the perfect kitchen for Ellie your next interior makeover challenge is the dining room. Having moved away it’s important that she has a space to entertain her friends when they come to visit, and also maybe host some dinner parties for the locals to make new friends. This is a stunning space with the high ceilings and wood burning AGA. Your job is to finish furnishing the room, have fun choosing the perfect chairs, plants and artwork. Then and you can add some colour if you like to the walls.

Enjoy Redesigning

If you’re enjoying being an interior design pro you’ll love the next challenge. This one is a complete remodel, so you need to source new furniture, move the existing furniture and add colour to the walls to create the best peaceful living room design.

Perfect Home Design

Along with the beautiful kitchen the hallway in Ellie’s new home was a real selling point. This large hallway has statement stairs that already add some drama to this hallway. This is a quick challenge to finish off the design, in minutes you can have the satisfaction of bringing the room together.

As well as the perfect entertaining space Ellie wants to have a restful and tasteful bedroom and bathroom for a private space. With this country bedroom redecoration you get to have fun sourcing most of the furniture for her new bedroom. Add colour and texture to the bathroom to finish this week’s interior makeover challenge.

Farmhouse Makeover Challenges

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