Olivia’s Holiday Home Makeover

This week’s makeover challenges focuses on a family home. The Williams family have relocated to the suburbs just in time for Christmas! Their new home has all the space they dreamed of, plus it’s near to great schools for their kids. With all of that extra room they’d love to decorate the house so it’s ready for entertaining their friends and family.

Farmhouse Interior Design
Farmhouse Interior Design

Explore Farmhouse Style

The style tips for this makeover challenge are to choose classic farmhouse styles that will stand the test of time. Farmhouse is a rustic, traditional style that is easy to live with if you have a family. If you’d like to be inspired by the different types of farmhouse interiors check out Architectural Digest. In these makeover challenges go for rich, warm colour schemes. Have fun with the space, maybe add some oversized standout pieces.

Farmhouse Interior Design

Featured Makeover

The featured challenge for this week is a family bathroom interior design. The brief asks you to find the perfect mirror, wall light, plants and accessories to complete the space. As this is a remodel challenge you need to arrange the decor to create the perfect layout. It’s great to be able to re-design a bathroom with no constraints!

As this bathroom is large there are two sink units, which could be used to create some symmetry in the room. Of course if you’d prefer to delete one and use the space for something else you can! This is all about your design, have fun creating the dream family bathroom. Dive in and show us what you can do.

Sixty Minute Home Makeover

If you’ve enjoyed designing the family bathroom don’t forget there’s a lovely open plan kitchen, living room, family room and bedroom to makeover as well. A great way to spend some down time during the festive holidays, become a pro interior designer with us.