Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Deor Creator? You might find the answer here. If you don’t please contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.

What Are Masterclasses?

We release a new Masterclass every week, each one contains 6 Challenges for you to complete. When you have completed all six challenges and submitted them for voting you earn a Pro Certificate!

What is the difference between Restyle, Refresh and Remodel Challenges?

Restyle Challenges are super fast and easy challenges. Just find the perfcet colour and material combination for the room.

Refresh Challenges are a bit more involved, you get to virtually shop until you drop! Find the perfect decor items that look great in the room. Style things with colour and move around the room to check out your new furniture.

Remodel Challenges are a fun layout puzzle. You’ll need to move items around to make the room work. You can add more furniture and change the colours and styles to create the perfect room. Trickier but more rewarding.

How do you maintain your design streak?

Complete a design challenge every day to maintain your streak. Had too much fun and completed all the challenges in one go? No problem – why not design again or vote to maintain your streak?

How to find the perfect colours?

Did you know there is a filter feature that allows you to find your perfect colours or materials faster?

Just click to filter, and select the colour group you’d like (reds, blues etc.). If you want to undo the filter click the colour you’ve got selected to de-select.