Lena & Lottie’s Eclectic Makeover

Lena Cameron is a single mum to the gorgeous Lottie, and they live in Edinburgh. They love spending time at home, Lottie enjoys cooking and crafting as well as sleepovers with her friends. Lena loves being a mum, and is always coming up with fun activities for them to do. When Lottie was smaller they lived in a small flat in central Edinburgh, but now she’s getting older Lena has found a larger terraced house that she can afford in the suburbs of the city. This is ideal, as Lottie gets her own room, and there are plenty of parks and good schools nearby.

Explore Eclectic Design

Lena wants their new house to reflect their happy characters. She’s been looking at different interior design styles, and Lena’s chosen style is eclectic. She loves colour and prints and wants their home to be dedicated to a sense of fun. Eclectic style doesn’t just mean anything goes, you will need to think about how you arrange furniture and which contrasting patterns will work together. If you need to know more about how to make an eclectic style work why not read this useful article from Elle DecorĀ 

Feature Makeover

This week’s feature makeover is the Cameron family bathroom. A bathroom can be a difficult space to decorate, you need to get the layout right before you can choose colour scheme and add other furniture. Should the free standing bath be made a feature and be placed in the middle of the room? Or maybe it’s better in an alcove or against a wall? Try out different layouts to find one that works. When it come to choosing colours be brave and go for something bright and cheerful!

Eclectic interior design is great fun to experiment with. You can learn how to pull the room design together using colour and pattern whilst still embracing the need for different colours and styles to create the eclectic look.

Eclectic interior design
Eclectic interior design
Eclectic interior design

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