A Modern Interior

This beautiful farmhouse in the countryside is the new home of Aidan and Louisa Franklin with their children Orla and Freya. The whole place needs a complete re-decoration and they’d love to have a great interior designer to make their home perfect. They love colours and materials from nature and need their home to feel relaxed and calm. As Aidan and Louisa have spent a lot of time living and working in Belgium they enjoy a Belgian Farmhouse interior design.

Belgian farmhouse interiors

Enjoy Belgian Farmhouse Design

So what is Belgian Farmhouse design? This is a way to balance rustic with elegant. Think some elements that are rustic, such as a stone wall or stripped floorboards balanced with something polished and refined such as sleek furniture and artwork. Stick with neutral tones and natural materials and furniture with clean lines.

The feature makeover this week is their living room. This is a complicated space that has plenty of furniture in it already. The challenge here is to choose the right furnishing fabrics to complete the look. The sofas can be left plain, or have a pattern added, the same with the cushions and curtains. Can you achieve a polished look without making it feel over cluttered?

Belgian farmhouse interiors
Belgian farmhouse interiors

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