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Design, de-stress & develop Pro Skills with our immersive 3D challenges.

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Complete the Masterclass challenges to unlock Decor Rewards and earn Pro Certifications.

Decor Creator Collection Contemporary Minimalism

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Practice Creativity

Develop your creative streak, experience the impact & win Top Design Trophies!

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Confidently design personal projects like a Pro at anytime & help others.

Do You Love Practicing Creativity?

Do you dream of becoming an Interior Design Pro?
Escape to Decor Creator Game where interior Lovers’ are cultivating their Pro skills by creating dream rooms!
De-stress and have fun by entering new Restyle, Refresh and Remodel Interior Design Challenges.
Get decor rewards from exclusively curated Masterclass Collections with every Challenge submission, so you can build your collection of beautiful furniture to use on future challenges.

Gain a new Masterclass certification each week, vote and win Top Design Trophies as you develop your Creative Streak! Fall more in love with home design every week and gain recognition by expressing yourself with different interior design styles. This fun decor creator game is the prefect way to relax and have fun.